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tv   Today  NBC  March 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning. 27th of march, 2012. we mention it a beautiful day here in the northeast. also a little chilly, colder than we've had over the past couple of weeks. 30 degrees and a great crowd of people gathered on our plaza. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and savannah guthrie. al is sof today. coming up, christie brinkley is back in the headlines. first of all, she's coming back to broadway. back in the role of roxy hart in "chicago" the musical. but she's also making headlines for the ongoing and very bitter dispute she's in with her ex-husband peter cook.
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this morning in an exclusive interview christie opens up, an emotional interview talking about her side of that story. >> that's right, matt. and also coming up this morning on a very different note. we're going to talk about your diet questions. we all have diet questions, don't we? we're going to be addressing this morning a question about nutrition bars. some are loaded with calories and fat and shug after. so which ones are the good ones? which ones are not the good ones? we're going to also tell you what to look for in terms of what to eat before you go to bed and also your questions about breast-feeding. >> we have a lot to talk about. also bargains are out there. eco-friendly sunglasses. we've got to see these. also kitchen knives. a little something for everybody. >> go inside, natalie is standing by at the news desk with all the headlines. hi, natalie. >> hello again, matt, ann and savannah.
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the parents of slain unarmed teenager trayvon martin are slamming police for leaking information that their son had been suspended from school after traces of marijuana were found in his back pack. his parents called the leak a smear campaign aimed at demonizing their 17-year-old son who was shot and killed back in february. local police say they did not authorize the release of the new information but do acknowledge a possible leak. president obama's landmark health care reform law is going under the microscope at the supreme court today. the justices are hearing arguments that k458 edge whether or not the government can force people to carry insurance or face a penalty. the law would extend health care coverage to nearly every american, providing insurance to nearly 30 million people. 26 states oppose the law and the issue has become subject to intense partisan debate. dangerous wildfires are sweeping through the mountains west of denver, colorado. at least one person has been found dead in the area.
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some 25 structures have been destroyed and more than 4 1/2 square miles are ablaze. hundreds of firefighters arrive to battle the flames. comments overheard on a hot microphone have president obama on the defensive. an open mike picked up what would have been a private conversation between the president and his russian counterpart dmitry medvedev. >> my last election. after my election i have more flexibility. >> republicans are pouncing on the remark, accusing the president of making secret deals on issues of national security. president obama, meanwhile, says he has no hidden agenda with russia, and later even made light of the incident. two new studies found that weight loss surgery may work better than medication for some people with type ii diabetes. the studies published in monday's "new england journal of medicine" found that weight loss surgery can reverse and possibly even cure the life-threatening disease.
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researchers caution, though, that more study is needed. cases of die beat invest tripled in the u.s. in the past 30 years. and what better way to celebrate the miracle of life than welcome a new baby into the world than with a parody of lmfao's hit, sexy and i know it. ♪ this is what i see. i got a baby on the way ♪ ♪ and i ain't afraid to show it show it show it show it ♪ ♪ i'm pregnant and i know it >> the video was made by angela and tommy. it has racked up more than half a million views on youtube since it was posted last week. don't expect the sequel pregnancy dance video. angela is due any day now and the proud parents say it's a girl. good luck to her. four minutes past the hour right now. let's go back outside to maria the weather. >> good morning, natalie.
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how long have you girls been out here? >> all morning. >> thank you so much for hanging in there. as far as the weather goes across the country, a chance of strong thunderstorms here in through parts of missouri, illinois and into indiana and the possibility of hail and damaging wind. a tornado is possible, as well, especially central illinois. meanwhile, it is cold and breezy in the northeast. lovely and sunshine in the southeast. if you're looking for the wintry wet and windy weather, that is >> good morning.c northwest. temperature starting out below freezing this morning in some neighborhoods. we will see plenty of
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>> matt, back inside to you. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. model andability res christie brinkley is soaping up about her real-life drama with ex-husband peter cook. it's been nearly four years since they divorced but the split has no legal end in sight. because a feud continues with both sides claiming violations of their divorce agreement. earlier i sat down with christie and began by asking her why this split remains so nasty. >> since the day that he realized that i wasn't coming back, there have been a real character assassination going on. i asked for and got a confidentiality agreement with the original divorce. i alone have maintained the confidentiality agreement. i had offered, you know, for a sympathetic show from oprah, jeff zucker offered me an hour in prime-time. you know, everybody asked me to come on.
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i did not want to do it. >> so why are you here today? i know peter has gone on other television programs and talked about this. is turnabout fair play? some might just say turn the other cheek. >> well, i have turned the other cheek. there's not one quote from me anywhere. this is the first time i've ever been on a show, and i'm really here because next week i'm going to start promoting "chicago." and this became such a big deal. i mean, i've endured about two weeks of all kinds of, you know, lies, and stories, when actually four months prior to this -- this character, you know, assassination, media storm, i quietly filed for to protect my family from that, part of my suit, i was very clear asking the judge, please determine this on paper. >> you didn't want to go public with this. >> i am not the first woman that ever let a judge know my husband was late in paying his child support.
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>> he has called you a narcissistic ego maniac, he said you cast rated him in public. >> can i just say i have never called -- i have never taken part in name calling. >> unfortunately this story is playing out in the public. but what i keep thinking about is you've got kids together. and these kids are no longer young kids. thigh are teenagers, and they're old enough to understand this and some people look and say the parents are acting more like teenagers than the teenagers are. >> this is my first time on tv, okay? this is my first time. i want to stress that. >> what impact is this having on the children, christie? >> well, my son doesn't want to go there anymore. so my son has been with me full-time for the past seven months. >> he's about to live with peter while you're on broadway. >> no, he's not. >> spend a lot of time with peter. >> you see, that's another thing. i for instant when i played england it was during the summer. and i asked, i said look, why don't you take the kids the first two weeks, i'll take the kids the second two weeks. and he doesn't have to take --
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the only reason i even have him take the kids is because i agreed, in my first divorce, that if i can't be there for more than two nights in a row, that they should be with their father. instead of a caregiver. >> but i'm trying to -- >> my home is set up to take care of my kids whether i'm here or at home. >> but i'm trying to think of this poisonous atmosphere. you as a mother handing your kids over for whether it's a day or two days or three days to your ex-husband, with all of this swirling around, and how does it not severely impact these children? >> well, that's what i think that we need to have legislation that protects families from a spouse who has been diagnosed by the court-appointed forensic psychiatrist as a bona fide malignant or extreme narcissist. this is say personality disorder. this is something that the courts need to come to grips with. i'm not alone.
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i have hundreds of letters from other women that say i'm going through this, too. only mine is more public because when i go to trial, the media comes. >> how can the two of you now make this better? for the sake of the children, for the sake of your private life and peter's private life. >> what the experts say is you need to have a no contact rule. and i put in place my lawyer over two years ago, and i have not -- i haven't had any contact with him. but, he continues to, you know, contact me. and that's the problem. >> here's what -- >> so i quietly asked the judge please, make this stop. protect my right to peace. i -- i want peace for my family. and i also -- sorry. but i just want peace. and every time i have any joy, or any kind of success in anything, he has to try to
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destroy it. and the courts need to learn how to deal with this kind of situation. >> conversation with christie brinkley a little earlier. still to come, test prep anxiety. what you and your high schoolers need to know about which standardized tests to take and when. up next, "steals and deals." discounts of up to 86% on some great items. some mornings, getting the family together for breakfast might seem... ♪ ...impossible. no, no... well how about the purp? ew! ♪ yeah. wow. unless you have eggo® waffles. they're quick and easy to make, and there's something about them... that just makes people move. [ male announcer ] golden crispy outside, warm and fluffy inside. who says breakfast together can't be done? [ male announcer ] eggo® waffles. simply delicious.
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amount. but if you really want something now go on now. because if you order more than they have right now it will take longer. you'll be able to get it but it could take up to four weeks. >> the sooner you order the sooner you'll get it. >> yes. >> complexions perfection five piece kit by cosmetics. >> try saying that five times. >> i'll leave that to you. >> $278. it includes the cleanser, the skin management serum, moisturizer, mixing crystals and exfoliating treatment. it's features in spas such as neiman markets, zoe zal dano, and beyonce. the retail $278. the deal $39. that's 86% off. really stay with the celebrities. >> beautiful. okay then over here we have silk scarves by raj imports. >> i love this one for spring and summer because it's so light for people who lunch to wear scarves. the retail is $42. 100 silk chiffon.
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available in seven spring colors and they're available at high end retailers including nordstrom, anthropologie, so the retail is $42. the deal is $12. that's 71% off. >> amazing. >> ooh. >> okay over here great offer from bon ton offering this farberware 15 piece cutlery set. also have this cutting board included. >> right. the retail $150. now, something i wouldn't use, but would love to have in my kitchen if somebody would like to cook. with the bonus, as you said, cutting board and they offer oversize and soft grip handles for better handling and ease of use. stainless steel end cops. the retail $150. the deal $34.50. that's 77% off. i also think this is a great house warming gift. >> it is. you can always use a good set of knives. they say every good chef starts with a good set of knives.
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>> even bad chefs. >> next you have these great ecofor motto sunglasses. i understand these are ecochic glasses. 95% recyclable metals and plastics that were used to make these? >> right. and i love that, of course. these are designer glasses so you can get in on the trend. the retail $160. they're offering, let's see -- oh, i like those on three. three styles the aviator, you're wearing the cat eye in tort toys. also the cat eye in black. again made from 95% recycled metals and plastic. leonardo dicaprio and cheryl crow. the retail $160. the detail, $30. that's 81% off. >> fantastic. >> and different colors here. okay. next finally a big hit as we always have is jewelry at the end. and sterling silver pendants. these are from heather wiley. they're all hand made and they come, i guess, either with a silver chain or with a leather strap, is that right? >> right. and i love these, $176. is the retail.
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four choices of pendants. the peace sign, the wish bone, the own symbol which i can use or the twelve zodiac signs. again there are choices in the chain and the clasp. and again, hand hammered each one by the designer. >> very beautiful. >> the retail $176. the deal, $42.50. that's 76% off. and again, go on right now to get in on the action. >> absolutely. all right, jill martin as always. thank you. let's recap for you once again. the products are the complexion perfection five piece kit. the raj paisley silk chiffon scarves. the farberware cutlery set with the cutting board. the eco for motto sunglasses and the sterling silver pendants from heather riley. if you have questions about these products or orders go to and go to the "steals & deals" page. still to come, joy bauer has your calorie guideline on everything from snack bars to
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9:23 am
151. so you're within one pound. >> yes. >> so you're there. you're striking distance. how does it feel? >> it feels great. and most importantly, i'm no longer a type ii diabetic. and that's huge. that's a life changer for me. that means that i'm going to be around a lot longer to spend time with my family. i'm no longer hypertensive. the high blood pressure is gone. the pain in my feet from being overweight, that's gone. >> good for you. >> i just feel like a whole new woman. >> amazing. >> you're seeing some of the scenes of the last episode in hawaii. i guess the idea was, can you continue to lose weight on vacation. which is such a stumbling block for so many people. was it hard? >> it was a little difficult. we had a very intense shooting schedule. so you know, we didn't have a vacation. not a real vacation. but we were in a different environment. so we didn't have access to the foods that we were used to. and it was difficult. but we still all lost weight. >> you really sacrificed for your daughter megan who is still
9:24 am
there on the ranch. >> yes, i did. >> what do you think of her chances? >> i hope that she does well. i hope she continues to work towards her weight loss goals. and i wish her the best of luck. we'll see what happens. >> all right. >> you're a registered nurse, right? and you're also doing therapeutic work with horses >> yes, i've started volunteering at a therapeutic horsemanship clinic. it's the perfect blend for me to mix my passion for horses with my love of helping other people. >> oh, that's great. such a great message. great spirit. >> good for you. >> you're an inspiration. kim stone, you are at your goal weight. you look fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> "the biggest loser" airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. >> still 20 come this morning, preparing your teens for the s.a.t.s and a.c.t.s. should they take both? we're going to have the answers. (bell rings)
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is the wbal-tv 11 news update. >> it was a cold start for us this tuesday morning. as we head into the afternoon, we will see plenty of sunshine. temperatures will be below average. 55. average high is 58. we will go the other way tomorrow. chance for thunderstorms in the
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♪ ♪ i dreamed a dream >> well, susan boyle's incredible story from humble childhood to instant super stardom beginning with her stunning performance on "britain's got talent" might sound like something out of a fairy tale. now it's turned into a musical and we'll give you a preview tomorrow on "today." >> wow. >> going to star in it. she's got the voice. >> certainly does. >> also coming up in this half hour, joy bauer keeps your weight in check by telling you the right amount of calories to look for when it comes to those power bars. also pasta. and she has some advice on what
9:31 am
to eat to get a better night's rest. and also if you're a nursing mother to keep baby calm. >> all important. and let the cramming begin. many high school students are getting ready to take the standardized tests for college. but should your child take the s.a.t. or the a.c.t. or both? and are there colleges that don't need a standardized test? we'll get some straight talk from a woman who has done her homework. just saying s.a.t., a.c.t., makes me break out in hivs. then a lesson in some light spring cooking from one of new york's hottest chefs. >> all right. first let's get a check of the weather. maria larosa is here with al this week. >> good morning, ladies. after a chilly start in the northeast, plenty of sunshine, still unseasonably cool from the afternoon from the great lakes to the northeast. severe weather potential for the mid-mississippi valley. otherwise the southeast is quiet. you're looking for the wet, stormy weather. that is the pacific northwest. not just today but tomorrow, heavy rain and mountain snow could see one to two feet by tomorrow morning in the sierra nevadas.
9:32 am
>> good morning. it will turn out to be a nice day. we will see a lot of sunshine. >> savannah, natalie, back to you. >> all right. thank you, maria. joining us now, some new members of the nbc family from the reality competition "fashion star" where aspiring designers try to make it in the real world. three of the featured buyers are here. nicole christy, karen shaffer from sacs, and patrice from macy's. good morning to all of you. >> you guys are top customers. when you look at these fashions that walk down the runway on "fashion star" what makes you want to say i'm going to put in
9:33 am
a buy? >> well you know, at h&m we're a design company. we have over 140 designers in sweden and we're looking for the latest design. we're looking quality, designers that are creative and offer something new to complement our collection. >> what doesn't work? on the runway, to retail when you take it retail. >> gimmicks. you know, we've seen a couple of designers who sent gimmicks down the runway. sometimes they work. sometimes they don't. >> and it's also different, patrice you have obviously a different clientele than nicole does and karen does. do you ever find yourself fighting over the same fashion? >> absolutely. i think what makes the show so unique is really the fact that we all are focused on the same thing which is finding the next, hottest fashion designer. we all are very focused on fashion trends. and making sure we're registering that trend and giving our customer that opportunity. so when something comes down the runway, it doesn't surprise me at all that one of my two
9:34 am
colleagues here will have the same interest, and then it just comes down to maybe -- >> you're competitive with each other? >> absolutely. >> nicole richie all have very successful fashion brands of their own. is that what you're looking for is the next big fashion brand here? and you're talking about a $6 million collection that they'll be able to create, right? the stakes are pretty high. >> it is. it's a huge prize. a capital collection for each of our stores, that's the grand prize and we are looking for the next great designer. what's so unique about this show is every week a designer can win and sell their designs in any one of our stores. that's never been done in any design competition. >> and the grand prize could really launch somebody. thank you so much. and we should mention "fashion star" airs tonight, 9:30, 8:30 central right here on nbc. thanks, guys. coming up next, from what you eat when you're on the go to what to eat when you're nursing. joy bauer has answers in her diet sos. and her bffswith karen
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this morning on joy's diet s.o.s., daily diet dilemmas. joy bauer is here to discuss everything from the healthiest snack bars to the best foods to eat at night. good morning to you. >> hey, savannah. >> beverly in san jose, california, is up early this morning and joins us via skype. beverly, good morning. what's your question? >> good morning. hi, joy. as a nutritionist, i generally eat well, but what are some healthy but still yummy snack bar options? most seem so laden with sugar and other additives. >> it's a great question because there are a gazillion snack bars on the market. and some do have more calories and fat than candy bars. instead of having you examine every ingredient, the easiest way to know that a snack bar has the right mix, make sure it has no more than 200 calories, no more than 2 grams of saturated fat and no more than 14 grams of
9:39 am
sugar. three of my favorite picks, i like the kind bars, the fruit and nut bars. they have clean ingredients. they travel well. i also like the two-pack hard granola bard from cliff klums and also nature valley. and there's a variety of flavors, and they're delicious. i think. so check them out. >> all right. beverly, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a lot of those snack bars are kind of like candy bars. you've got to be careful. our next question is on the phone, adrienne in grain valley, missouri. adrienne, good morning. what's your question? >> good morning. i was calling because i'm just a bit confused looking at nutrition facts for foods, such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta. does it reflect uncooked or cooked? >> it is confusing. when it comes to pasta, almost always the serving size is going to be based on a two-ounce dry portion. so you just need to know that that equates to one cup cooked and it's about 200 calories. so whether it's white, or whole
9:40 am
grain pasta, two ounce dry equals one cup cooked. 200 calories. when it comes to rice it's a little bit more tricky. sometimes it's based on a dry portion, sometimes it's based on a cooked portion. i think the easiest thing to know is just like pasta. one cup cooked rice, whether white, wild or brown is just about 200 calories. >> adrienne, thank you so much. our next one is say viewer e-mail from katie in andover, mass. and katie writes i sometimes get home late from work and don't get a chance to eat dinner. i am hungry but don't want to have a heavy meal that will sit in my stomach all night right before i go to sleep. order some healthy and satisfying foods i can eat before bed? >> this is a typical scenario and it's a reality for so many people. you're hungry at night. you deserve to eat dinner no matter what time you get home. i'm going to say go for anything that's under 500 calories. because that's enough to make yourself something substantial and satisfying but it's not too
9:41 am
much that you're going to gain weight from it or be left feeling uncomfortable and disrupt your sleep. there's so many options. you could have a bowl of whole grain cereal with skim milk. you could make an egg white omelette, turkey burger. you could even heat up a can of lentil soup or black bean soup or toss in the microwave one of the frozen entrees. you could have a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. >> you're making me hungry. keep it under 500 calories and you're cool? >> that's right. >> last one, we've got another katie from syracuse, new york, i am breast-feeding and it seems like whenever i eat healthy foods my baby gets extremely fussy. what can i eat that will help my baby feel less gassy. >> first know that babies are fussy and they're gassy and particularly up until six months because their digestive systems aren't mature. there's no one set of rules of what makes a baby feel more comfortable. but these are some things you might want to try to avoid that have been reported by other nursing women. avoid raw foods such as -- raw
9:42 am
vegetables, specifically broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, garlic and onion. believe it or not artichokes and salad seem to be problematic. >> raw. >> raw. she can have small portions cooked. she wants to limit lentils, soy foods, and high fiber cereals and bars. and lay off the dairy for a couple of days and see if the baby improves. because some babies are sensitive to lactose. >> but as the baby gets older? >> all these healthy foods back in their diet. >> good. joy bauer, thank you so much. >> thank you, savannah. >> coming up next, the pressure is on for millions of high school kids preparing to take those s.a.t.s. but is that the only test they'll need? we'll tell you right after this.
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wanna see what's in it? yeah! whoagasp! whoagasp! whoagasp! you put it in here? yeah. and then you wanna take this... are you making them for the easter bunny? no, you. ahhhhh. [ female announcer ] this easter...bring a tradition... out of its shell. [ cheering ] nation today" a guide to standardized tests. high school students are beginning to bury their heads in the books, for parents the s.a.t. or the a.c.t., but should they take both and how important are those tests really for getting into college? cat cohen is ceo and founder of ivy-weiss. let's break it down for those who aren't familiar but i'm sure most stients getting retddy to take them know what they're facing. the psat, s.a.t., sakt. >> psat is a practice for the saths and colleges won't see
9:46 am
these scores. if you score high enough as a junior you may qualify for a national merit scholarship. the s.a.t. is the most widely used college entrance exam. 2 million kids took it last year. it's now scored out of 2400 points. and students generally take it spring of their junior year. the a.c.t. is also a college entrance exam. 39% of high school grads last year in 2011 took this test. it differs from the s.a.t., there's science section on it and it's scored out of 36 points. finally you have s.a.t. subject tests. which back in the day, probably in our day, achievement tests, and they are one hour long subject tests in high school level subjects like languages, sciences, math, history, scored out of 800 points. some colleges will recommend or require those. >> a lot of students may be grappling with now do i take the s.a.t. or the a.c.t. or is the a.c.t. now pretty much universally accepted as well? >> it is universally accepted
9:47 am
now. the a.c.t. gained in popularity, and since 2007, all four-year colleges that accept the s.a.t. also accept the a.c.t. >> but do you do one over the other? because some students, because there is more of a math and science focus with the a.c.t. may score better on the a.c.t., and not as well on the s.a.t. so should you strategically plan which test to take? >> well, we recommend that students actually take a practice s.a.t. and a practice a.c.t. time yourself. under real conditions. score them, and see which you do better on. you can do this at the end of sophomore year or the beginning of junior year and you only want to prep and take the test that's better for you. there are two different tests, different strategies. so don't waste your time on both. >> and don't take both. now it is recommended that as you mention the students practice. there are a lot of ways to practice now including a lot of options online. are those online options as good as the old book that you used to get or even taking some of those standardized test prep courses that you could take, as well? >> the good news is they're test prep for any budget.
9:48 am
you could do one-on-one tutoring, an online course, you could buy a book. the key is you need to practice. we advise students to take eight to ten practice tests before going in to the real test. and just like you wouldn't, you know, not study for your history final you don't want to cram for an s.a.t. it's a marathon and not a sprint. >> do it with real timing, right? >> yes, yes. we tell students to get up early on saturday morning and do it then. >> eat your breakfast first. some students aren't natural test takers. so a test like the s.a.t. or the a.c.t., how much emphasis do colleges really place on that when it comes to getting accepted into a good stool? >> they're just one piece of the college admissions process and puzzle. and colleges are much more interested in how students performed day in and day out in the classroom over four years. >> right. >> than how they score on one test on a saturday morning. also a perfect s.a.t. or a.c.t. won't guarantee admission. so sometimes families place too much emphasis on an s.a.t. or a.c.t., which could lead to cheating, and it could even lead
9:49 am
to overpreparation. when students could be using that time to do more interesting and engaging activities. >> there are schools that also don't look at the s.a.t.s or the a.c.t.s, right? >> absolutely. if you are not a great test taker you should know about the 88 '04-year colleges that are test optional. you can find a list of those schools at also students should focus on their grades. this is the most important thing in the college admissions process and also find a few extracurricular activities that you want to engage in wholeheartedly over your whole time in high school, that really reflect your core interests. >> right. >> and finally we tell students take the time to tailor each college application to each individual college. do your research. because that's going to help you get in. >> that's right. colleges still want the well-rounded student. cat cohen as always, thank you so much. coming up next, enjoying the flavors of spring from the coast of sardinia. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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this morning in "today's kitchen," what's on the menu? a light, spring dinner. david coleman is executive chef at the parks here in new york city. >> thanks for having me. >> we're making a grilled derad. >> it's a dish from the mediterranean, it's -- >> a white fish obviously. what do we do to prepare? >> basically we open the fish up. >> all right. >> a little lemon zest. a few leaves of parsley. >> yeah. >> oregano. lots of pepper. >> a little salt? >> and a pinch of salt. >> great. >> close it. >> yeah. >> you salt and pepper on the outside? >> just one side. and before we cook it we'll
9:53 am
season it again. >> what kind of pan do you have over there? >> a grill pan. >> the spaced side down. >> yes. >> how long are you going leave it there? >> seven minutes then we'll flip it. >> all right. and when we flip it we'll season it. >> exactly. >> this is called pregala? >> it's sardinian pasta. it's dried and toasted almost like italian couscous. >> it does look like a little couscous. how are you preparing it? >> in the pan we have onions and garlic we're going to caramelize. we're going to add thyme and bay leaf. then the pregula. we're going to toast it a little bit more in the pan. >> how long? >> when you hear a little sizzle like crackling then it's ready to go. >> all right. so when it's done how do you -- you taste it or what? you hear the crackle and you know? >> when you hear the sizzle then you know it's toasting. we're going to add the chicken stock. >> ah.
9:54 am
>> let this cook for about 15 minutes. >> do you cover it? >> no, we just let it simmer. >> okay. >> almost like sis oato, a little bit of stock at a time. >> all right now we've got some spinach fregola. >> now we're going to add parsley, oregano. alfonso olives. these are olives cured in red wine and red wine vinegar. >> can you find those anymore? >> anymore. >> they have kind of a purple color to them. >> because they're cured in wine. >> that sounds good to me. and you've got a little butter. >> a little butter. add a little stock to bring it together. >> you're not worried that continuing to do this is going to overcook it or anything? >> no, not at all. this is to make it creamy. >> got it. you're getting a little bit of a sauce going there. >> yes. >> a little bit of premium risotto. we're going to finish it with a
9:55 am
little pepper. >> okay and how are you plating it up? we have about a minute left. want to make sure we get to the fried item i see over here. okay. so this is how your fish are going to look. >> when they're finished. >> come over this side. >> doesn't it look good? >> oh, wow. >> what's the fried fennel? >> marinated butter milk, fennel, and fried. >> beautiful. lovely. >> and then you place them right on there. >> look, he finished -- >> exactly. >> you've got a beautiful dessert. tell us about this. >> it's named after the belly dancer. >> beautiful. >> you can find that at "today."com. >> coming up hoda and kathie lee after your local news. see life in the best light.
9:56 am
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